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Basement Waterproofing

If you have a wet basement, leaky basement walls, or a damp moldy smell in your basement we can help. Bayshore Construction has decades of residential and commercial basement waterproofing experience. We offer both interior and exterior basement waterproofing, we will recommend the best service for your individual situation.

We offer a dig down process that is guaranteed for 12 years. It rids your home of mold, toxins and any water damage. It’s a full-scale process that you can feel good about.

We dig down, replace drain tiles, scrape walls, hand patch cracks, tar and plastic walls, remove dirt, backfill with pea gravel and clean up. In other words, we remove the problem from the outside, your basement walls will stay dry.

Waterproofing your basement not only increases your property value, it provides some protection from the cold and creates a more comfortable space overall.

Bayshore Construction, Concrete, Waterproofing & Foundation Repair has years of experience with interior and exterior basement waterproofing. Call us today for a free basement waterproofing estimate.

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