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Understanding the Process of Waterproofing Your Foundation

Outside of a huge natural disaster or five-alarm fire, a failing foundation is about the worst thing that can happen to your house. What is the leading cause of foundation damage, you might ask? The answer is simple and often devastating: water damage! Luckily, preventing this carnage is much less difficult than repairing it.

Waterproofing your home’s basement or foundation is the best way to quell the risk of a faulty foundation in the future. Hiring a professional who follows the following steps will provide you with a dry and healthy foundation for generations.

Evaluating the Existing Foundation

The first step in proper waterproofing is to remove all the dirt, soil, rocks, etc. from around the foundation to gain clear access all the way around your house. Once the foundation is cleared, your contractor should check the entire foundation and all walls for cracks or signs of damage. Any minor damage should be repaired and your foundation strengthened during this phase if necessary.

Sealing your Foundation 

Once the earth is cleared and any necessary repairs are made, your contractor will seal your foundation, making it waterproof and ready to withstand decades of weather. The waterproofing process consists of:
  • Multiple membranes that are flexible (meaning they won’t crack or tear) are placed around the entire foundation.
  • The membranes are then sealed with a weeping tile, which helps water to drain out and away from your building.
  • New or improved drainage runs to carry water from the base of your house after it has led away by the weeping tile should then be added.
  • And finally, proper grading needs to take place as the removed earth is backfilled around your newly waterproofed foundation. 
All of these steps should be taken during the waterproofing process and can be explained further by a reputable concrete and foundation repair contractor such as Bayshore Construction, Concrete, Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Specialist in Grosse Point Woods, Michigan.
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