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Three Reasons You Need to Waterproof Your Basement

Your home is built to protect you and your family. It is also a very valuable investment for your financial stability and prosperity. Preventing damage before it happens is a smart and economically-driven decision that serves your home and family well. Here are three reasons you need to waterproof your basement:
1. Moisture or sitting water attracts mold and mildew. If you get a leaky pipe or water infiltration from the weather, it creates an attractive environment for mold and mildew to grow. This can be a very unhealthy situation for members of your family.
2. Water can damage expensive items in your basement. From washers and dryers to furniture and stored items, many families have valuable appliances and other important pieces stored in the basement. These can be very expensive to replace.
3. Structural damage can reduce your property value. Walls, flooring, moulding, electrical systems and more can be damaged by water. Your property value could be affected by consistent moisture or standing water, particularly if left for a long time.
Making sure your home is both strong and secure, and a healthy environment to live in for all of your family members should be a top priority for every homeowner. Contact Bayshore Construction, Concrete, Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Specialist today at 586-773-0808 for more information on how waterproofing your basement is a smart and economical choice.

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