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How to Tell if You Need Foundation Repair

A damaged or failing foundation is not an issue to take lightly. Your home relies on a solid foundation, and when it cracks or shifts, your entire home is at risk. Dealing with a bad foundation is never fun (or cheap). Trust us when we tell you that ignoring the problem or putting off repairs will only make matter worse. Your best bet is to know the early signs of a bad foundation and call an experienced professional to fix the problem early, potentially saving you thousands down the road.

Signs That You Might Need Foundation Repair 

If your foundation was built properly, you should have a base structure that will outlast any other part of your home or building. Unfortunately, we’re not all that lucky and cracked or shifting foundations are far too common. Your house will give you warning signs that something is wrong, though. Paying attention now can save you a fortune in more ways than one later on.
If you notice any of the following issues in your building, you need to have your foundation checked by a professional immediately.

Cracked Walls or Paint

Even a minor hairline crack running up your wall or close to a seam can mean your foundation is faulty.

Uneven Floors

Some floors will naturally shift a little as your house settles over the years, but if you notice sloping, buckling or sagging in your floors, you need to have your home’s foundation checked right away.

Look for Water Damage

Broken or leaking plumbing lines, flooding or a number of other things can cause water damage to your home. If you notice wet spots where it should be dry, mold, or improper drainage after it rains, your foundation could be compromised.

Windows and Doors Wont Open or Close Properly

Wood expands and contracts with the seasons, so a little friction is natural depending on the time of year. However, if you have windows or doors that are seized shut or need almost super-human strength to open, take this as a warning sign from your house and call a professional.

Foundation repair is scary and definitely not cheap, but addressing the issue early on is best. Do not wait until you are facing other much more significant structural problems. Contact a professional such as Bayshore Construction, Concrete, Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Specialist in Grosse Point Woods, Michigan, for an evaluation and repair estimate today.
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