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Five Reasons to Choose an Aggregate Patio

Whether you're looking for a simple pad with room for grilling or you'd like something more expansive, aggregate patios are an ideal way to transform your backyard space, without breaking the bank. Here are five reasons homeowners choose aggregate finishes for their landscaping.

1. Easy to Install

Though its appearance is drastically different from that of plain or brushed concrete, the procedure is not much more complicated. That means an upgraded aesthetic without extra time or expense for installation.

2. Durable

Even during extreme weather, aggregate surfaces can stand up to rugged use and heavy traffic.

3. Variety of Options

In addition to an endless variety of color and texture choices, concrete can be easily molded into curves and other unusual shapes.

4. Safety

Unlike standard finishes, the exposed stones of this type of concrete provide extra grip, making it more slip resistant.

5. Low Maintenance

Once installed, aggregate patios need little maintenance. The surface can be hosed off easily for cleaning. Occasional sealing helps to protect the concrete against erosion, and preserves the shine of the stones.
Long lasting and attractive, aggregate patios offer the perfect combination of grace, utility and value. If you're interested in starting a new backyard project, learn more about getting an estimate for your home. Contact Bayshore Construction, Concrete, Waterproofing & Foundation Repair Specialist today at 586-773-0808.
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