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Features And Floor Options For An Old-World Patio

Old-World Patio Floor Options
You know the benefits of adding a patio to your house — you increase your living space and augment your outdoor lifestyle.
If you have a traditional or historical style house, an old world patio would be a beautiful compliment. That said, just because you're having an old-world patio installed doesn't mean you have to use old-school materials. Instead, consider concrete for many of the applications.

Outdoor Kitchen

Family life is the center of old world style. When you're creating an old world patio, consider adding an outdoor kitchen. Such a kitchen can be as simple as a designated grilling area, or it can be an elaborate installation that includes food preparation and storage areas as well as custom cooking appliances, such as a pizza oven.
No matter what features you include in your outdoor kitchen, concrete is a good material for your counters. Concrete withstands the vagaries of the weather better than most other kitchen materials. For style, consider having the concrete either embossed or stamped and stained to look like stone or brick.

Fireplace or Fire Pit

When you think of old world style, you probably think of home and hearth. An outdoor fireplace can be a big benefit to your patio whether its part of your kitchen or on its own. As with the countertops, traditional materials for an old world fireplace are stone and brick. However, you can have the fireplace constructed out of concrete with a stone or brick veneer, which cuts down on the cost.
If you don't have room for a fireplace, consider a fire pit instead. A fire pit gives the benefit of warmth and light. What's more, you can have the walls widened to accommodate seating. As with a fireplace, you should consider having a concrete fire pit finished with one of the more old-world materials.

Built-In Water Fountain

An outdoor water fountain is a benefit to any patio because it creates soothing water music. When it comes to old world styles of fountains, you traditionally see statues or wall fountains. A statue fountain can give your patio a formal feel. Tiered fountains are traditional for Mediterranean styles.
A built-in wall fountain is a good option if you have a retaining or privacy wall. Contractors install the fountain right into the paving. Such wall fountains come in numerous style ranging from rustic stone to elaborate tile work. Just make sure you have the fountain installed so that it doesn't get in the way of your other patio activities.

Concrete Paver Flooring

One of the traditional flooring materials for old world patios is flagstone. Natural flagstone is very expensive, though. Instead, you can choose concrete pavers, which lowers the cost. These pavers come individually, as flagstones would. While they do come in some very modern styles, you can choose pavers that mimic natural stone.
As the Concrete Network points out, the big benefits of concrete pavers are that they're durable and slip resistant. What's more, contractors can lay the concrete pavers in the same attractive patterns as for flagstone. Traditional patterns include random rectangle and natural cut stone.

Stamped and Stained Concrete Flooring

Another method of mimicking natural stone or even brick is with the stamping and staining process. Contractors use large stamps to create patterns in the concrete slabs. They follow up with stains that color the concrete with gradients. The result is very natural looking.
Cobblestone and brick are two other material options for an old world patio floor. Contractors can stamp and stain a concrete slab to resemble either one of these materials. They can also create a decorative border in a complementary hue for added beauty.
An old world patio can transform your backyard into a haven of home and hearth. Consult with the remodeling experts at Baywest Construction LLC for advice on how to design a custom patio.
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