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4 Reasons to Say Yes to a Detached Garage

Detached garage
The value that a garage brings to a home and family is astounding. From extra space to better curb appeal, the list of advantages is lengthy. If your home doesn't have a garage, but you're thinking about installing a detached unit, then you're considering a wise home update. Here are just some of the advantages a new garage can afford you.

1. Boosted Home Desirability and Value

When placing a home on the market, sellers have two very important focuses: desirability and value. If you're thinking of selling your home, you want to be sure that potential buyers are interested in the property and that you can yield the highest possible return from the sale. Installing a detached garage can deliver in each of these areas.
Many buyers consider the absence of a garage a deal breaker. Your home might be in an excellent neighborhood with lots of great features, but if buyers in the area are looking for garages, your pool of potential buyers will shrink. Plus, a single-car detached garage can add $15,000 to a home's value and $20,000 for a two-car garage.

2. Reduced Car Care Costs

A detached garage may also have a positive impact on your car care costs, especially when it comes to maintenance expenses. As an area resident, you're familiar with just how harsh the winter weather can be, but don't forget that it can be equally cruel on your vehicle. Exposure to below freezing temperatures can create many problems for a car.
Extreme cold can diminish the function of spark plugs, lead to tire damage and shorten the lifespan of the battery. All of these issues come with repair costs and other expenses. If you install an insulated garage, you can work towards combating these problems by storing your vehicle in a warmer space.

3. De-Cluttered Living Space

Too much space is a problem the average homeowner doesn't have. In fact, it's quite the opposite for many people. From holiday decorations to out of season clothing to sports gear, your closets are likely bursting at the seams, which can make the house feel cluttered and unorganized. When you install a garage, you can de-clutter your living spaces.
Be it attached or not, a garage translates into more square footage and more square footage means more space for storage. To maximize storage area in the garage, you can even have custom shelves installed for wall and ceiling storage.
De-cluttering the inside of your home not only makes the house look better but also makes you feel better in the newly organized and open environment.

4. Improved Security

Gross Pointe Woods is a family-oriented, safe community; however, just like any other community it is not void the risk of crimes like vehicle theft. When you leave your vehicle parked outside, you're only making the job of a thief easier. A garage can significantly lower the probability of someone stealing your car from your home because it keeps the vehicle more secure.
Installing an automatic garage door system can further boost security, but if you're not going to add one of these systems, ensure you install a door with a sturdy locking mechanism.
In addition to keeping your vehicle secure, a garage can also help you save on your auto insurance costs, as some insurance companies raise your premium if you file a claim for a stolen vehicle and some policies offer a discount for cars parked in a secure area.
At Baywest Construction LLC, we can bring these and many other benefits to you. With more than two decades of service to the Southeast Michigan community, we can help you plan, design and construct a new detached garage on your property. Let us use our experience and knowledge to meet your need.

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